Septagon Construction Co, Inc.

As Senior Construction Manager for Septagon Construction Company, I have had the opportunity to work with Advanced Concrete Technology on numerous projects over the last 20 years. The management and staff of Advanced Concrete Technology have been a reliable source of information and project assistance to our efforts in the Design/Build General Contracting Business. Advanced Concrete primarily does concrete placement and finishing for the final floor product of the facilities that we design & build. Whether Advanced Concrete is placing a 5,000 sq. ft. floor or a 60,000 sq. ft. floor they always have very knowledgeable, reliable, and courteous employee’s available to work on their own or hand in hand with our field employees. Septagon Construction Company believes that safety and quality is the number one way to achieve customer satisfaction and, that being said, I would highly recommend Advanced Concrete Technology as your next concrete contractor of choice.

Kevin Long
Senior Construction Manager