Laser Flat Concrete Floors

  • Somero Laser Screeds
  • ACI certified finishers
  • Routinely pouring 20-30,000 sf slab pours
  • Laser Screeds with Operators for LeaseĀ 

Footings and Foundation Walls

Whatever the size project, we have crews qualified to handle the job.


Laser Grade Base Rock

With laser controlled equipment, we are able to grade the subbase to EXACT elevations in a very short amount of time.

  • Expedite the Project
  • Saves concrete waste

Tilt Up Concrete Walls

  • The economical alternative to Precast or Brick & Block Buildings


Equipment Leasing

  • Somero STS 130 Topping Spreader with operator
  • Somero Laser Screed with operator
  • Laser controlled grading equipment with operators
  • Call for details and rates

Structural Forming – Post Tension Slabs